Placemarque is a Manchester-based wayfinding company. We work with local authorities, developers and large estates to create spaces that people want to engage with, whether that’s to bustle through speedily, to amble through confidently or to take a rest and stop and smell the flowers.

We develop bespoke wayfinding strategies that encourage visitors to walk a little further and stay a little longer. Our designs embody the unique character of each environment, connecting the digital world with the physical world to enhance the visitor experience. We tell stories with space, branding your building, enhancing your architecture: placemaking.

And we’ve been doing this since 2000 across the UK and overseas, where wayfinding, placemaking and public realm can mean very different things. Our flexible approach to wayfinding means we’re just as effective wherever we work. In fact, in 2018 we won an award for our work in the Republic of Ireland in an area so rural that placemaking was Neolithic and architecture was ancient.

Our Team

Hannah Southwell

Assistant Designer

Tom Cookson

Assistant Designer

Ellie Firrell

Assistant Designer

Sam Travis

Business Development Manager


We believe in putting people first: in our client relationships, and in the spaces we work with. No two places or projects are the same.


Our award-winning wayfinding designs are used by a wide range of public sector and commercial organisations:


No two places are the same, and no two projects are the same. We draw on a range of skills and experience to get you where you want to be, including:
– Placemaking & Interpretation
– Branding
– Digital Navigation
– Sign Design
– Map Design & Infographics


With our roots in architecture and environmental graphics, we fuse practical urban design skills to create tailored solutions that:


How we work…