How will Father Christmas know where to find me?

After all, if visitors can’t find your home - how is Father Christmas going to find his way?

When should you use digital wayfinding?

Good wayfinding can be the difference between shoppers viewing a mall as an efficient, opportunistic and dry place to shop – or a stressful, confusing hassle. It can also brand a space.

#Stayalittlelonger: how good wayfinding drives inward investment

Good wayfinding encourages people to stay a little longer or walk a little further in order to spend their time and money in a different space.

Smart City and Connectivity

A smart city shouldn’t just be about bandwidth connectivity, it should really be about connecting people, communities and creating places.

Finding your way home

Home. Whether you’re in a block, a terrace or a detached Georgian villa, most of us feel the same way about it.

What defines an airport city?

An airport city is the same as every other city, isn’t it?

Designing for difference

During Dementia awareness week, the Placemarque team reflected on how we consider differences in neurodiversity in our wayfinding.

Find your way...around universities

A university is a brand. Good wayfinding helps to tell the story of your university, helping people understand what makes it unique

What makes a smart city smart?

Looking at cities differently as we increase the integration of data and digital into our wayfinding.

Smart thinking builds smart cities

Digital, virtual and mixed reality technologies and big data. How things have moved on since we first developed Oxford’s wayfinding.