How wayfinding can help us achieve true accessibility

To varying degrees, we’re all familiar with a need for accessibility in physical spaces. Whether it’s lifts and ramps in a train station or braille room numbers outside doors. But these are only a very minor look into what true accessibility could – and should – look like. True accessibility is about designing spaces for anyone to navigate and experience. Finding solutions for visual, mobility, hearing, and cognitive impairments across

#Stayalittlelonger: how good wayfinding drives inward investment

One of the sessions at Built Environment Network’s Greater Manchester Development Conference explores inward investment: encouraging people to spend money in a location. This is a frequent objective for Placemarque when designing a wayfinding strategy. Good wayfinding encourages people to stay a little longer or walk a little further in order to spend their time and money in a different space, perhaps, in a different way. At the conference our