Smart City and Connectivity

Connectivity means different things to different people. In July 2019, Placemarque director Sophie Campbell delivered a presentation about connectivity to a room of proptech professionals in Manchester. Whilst other presenters talked about bandwidth, BIM, subscription models and financing, we look at connectivity in terms of people and place. And only sometimes do we use tech. Disconnected communities cost the UK economy money because people spend money in their community. They

Designing for Difference

With Dementia Awareness Week taking place at the end of May, the Placemarque team reflected on how we consider differences in neurodiversity in our wayfinding. CIPD research indicates that at least 10% of the UK population is neurodivergent.[1] This means they have a different thinking style such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dementia. And this means we need to think carefully about how we present information in our wayfinding. For

Smart Thinking Builds Smart Cities

Placemarque are proud to be badge sponsors of Built Environment Networking Group’s upcoming Smart Cities conference. It comes at a time when we’re considering the evolution of our wayfinding services in light of digital, virtual and mixed reality technologies and big data. Furthermore, as Placemarque developed the street signage in the centre of Oxford (the conference’s host city) a decade ago, it is a great excuse to revisit our work. We’re proud