Alderley Park

Bruntwood | Cheshire, UK

The challenge

Bruntwood’s investment in the Alderley Park site marked a significant change in its business, moving out of Manchester and investing in a whole site, rather than a single building. Together with Manchester Science Partnerships, they created the UK’s largest bioscience campus in 400 acres of historic parkland. Design agency The Chase created a gorgeous brand identity for the project, which we then applied to the interior and exterior wayfinding for the site and its buildings.


What we did

We used the scientific nature of the business park to inform the design of the wayfinding, from the small accent numbers on the floor level similar to that used in chemical formulas, to the stacking of squares as in the periodic table. A monochrome colour scheme lent itself well to vehicular and interior signs. We also used the logo to create statement gateway signs, giving a strong sense of arrival.


Why it works

There is a unified sense of place at the bioscience campus, lending itself well to the improved visitor wayfinding.

Client Review

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