Getting to know Drogheda’s unique story

We love digging into the history of a place. Our latest appointment is to create a wayfinding strategy for Drogheda, Ireland. We absolutely love working in Ireland, and can’t wait to get under the skin of this historic town.

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Our experience of working in Ireland continues with our further appointment to deliver a wayfinding strategy in the town of Drogheda, County Louth.

We’ve been working in Ireland since 2015 across a wide range of sites, most notably the award-winning Ireland’s Ancient East project where we delivered new orientation signs at a wide range of sites in the south and east of the country to reinforce the new destination brand and boost tourism in the region.

Drogheda is located in the east of Ireland, 30 miles north of Dublin. It is strategically positioned on the River Boyne, famous of course for the Battle of the Boyne (1690), one of the most significant engagements in Irish history. It’s also where Oliver Cromwell laid siege in 1649, in the first major event of the Irish Confederate War.

But there’s more to Drogheda than battles, and we’re looking forward to digging deeping into the town’s heritage and uncovering some lesser-known gems that will enhance this destination town and bring the visitor experience in the town to life.

Our wayfinding strategy will work alongside wider regeneration proposals for the town, bringing out and reinforcing the sense of place.

Sue Manley, Placemarque’s Strategy Director, said:

“We’re thrilled to be embarking on another new project in Ireland, and are looking forward to getting under the skin of Drogheda to discover and celebrate the town’s unique story.”

If you’d like helping uncovering the hidden stories in your place, get in touch on 0161 241 3174.

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