New wayfinding signs installed in Carnoustie

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We took a trip up to stunning Carnoustie in Angus, Scotland last week to observe the installation of our latest wayfinding project. We always love seeing our designs being made a reality and watching the sign installation is hugely satisfying.

Carnoustie is known for its golf. As the host town for the iconic Carnoustie Golf Links course, a venue for the open golfing championship since 1931, it’s been a victim of its own success. Overshadowed by the golf course, the town struggles to capture the golfing visitors and persuade them to venture further into the town.

Guy Warren, Placemarque’s Design Director, said: “Our instruction was to design a series of wayfinding posts that would highlight the town and the coastline’s assets, and make it easier for visitors to connect the golf course and the town in their mind’s eye, to help draw more people into the town.”

The design concept embraces not only the prestige of the town’s golfing pedigree, but also offers visitors information about the vast bird populations that feature along the Carnoustie coastline.

Tactile totem signs and lower information boards were formed from stone or metal, with the word Carnoustie forming a cut-out design feature across the signs that tie the series together.

With clear directional signage to the town centre and high street, the coastal path and the golf course, the signs will encourage visitors and make it easier for intrepid explorers to step off the beaten track and explore Carnoustie a little longer.

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