Welcome to Fenagh: Implementing County Carlow’s first town wayfinding strategy

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Our work in County Carlow continues with a new appointment for the town of Fenagh, south-east Ireland.

We’ve previously prepared a large-scale wayfinding strategy for County Carlow, after an initial successful pilot project in the town of Carlow.

County Carlow has a rich medieval heritage as well as being the home county of some significant pioneers in science and engineering. Now, we’re drawing the focus in, to prepare a detailed signage scheme for Fenagh. Through our research we’ve already learnt that Fenagh is where the last native wolf in Ireland was killed, 250 years ago.

Fenagh is the first town to be developed up for new wayfinding signage that aligns with the county-wide strategy and is just the sort of project that our strategy director, Sue Manley, loves to work on.

She said:

“County Carlow’s approach to wayfinding is exactly how we love to work: first getting the strategy right at the county-wide level and then focusing in on the detail at the town level.

“This way we’re able to ensure Fenagh’s signage fits into the county’s wider strategy, encouraging visitors to explore the town either as a destination in itself or en route to attractions wider afield.”

The town scheme will provide gateway and monolith totems at the key arrival points, and we’ve appointed a sign manufacturer to work with us on the details. Our design concept and interpretation boards will bring out themes that celebrate the town’s heritage. The 4-sided gateway signs depict the town’s All Saint’s Church while the dual-language interpretation board uncovers more about the church and other historic buildings in the town.

We’re looking forward to seeing these signs in the flesh in due course!

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