Cycling in Swansea

Swansea City Council, Sustrans | Swansea

The challenge

We were tasked with helping to make Swansea area more cyclist-friendly and improve the experience for visitors, locals, and anyone else who might find themselves navigating the area by bike. 


What we did

We began by highlighting cycle routes and cycle-safe streets to clearly show where cyclists could go, creating a cycling route network that displays key landmarks, places, and how they connect. We included off-road or vehicle-free routes as well as topography.

Connections between residential areas help to connect people to the places they need to get to – whether that’s the city centre, beaches, sports and leisure facilities, or university.

It being a cycle map, we outlined any cycle facilities like cycle parking, cycle repair shops, and cycle hire.  


Why it works

The maps we designed are to be integrated with coordinated cycle signage at all route junctions, making every cyclist’s experience of Swansea more positive, enjoyable, and straightforward.

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