Leicester City Council | Leicester, UK


The challenge

Leicester is a compact, modern city with over 2,000 years of history. It offers cultural, sports, and heritage experiences, with most destinations within a 20-minute-walk radius.

Leicester City Council created a new brand for the city, ‘Legible Leicester’, to enable visual consistency, but needed help applying it.

What we did

Our goal was to create a sense of place for the city centre; to help visitors navigate easily and encourage them to explore what is on offer. We worked with the Legible Leicester brand to apply visual consistency across signage and mapping through colour, typography, materials and iconography.

We designed signage that celebrates landmarks and the detail of the city through full length photographic backgrounds, complemented by maps and directional content. We reverse applied the graphic panels to glass, framed with a shot-peened box surround. The signs identify key spaces and city quarters, reinforcing the brand identity through the use of Leicester’s cinquefoil graphic. The cinquefoil also appears on fingerposts as a plaque and throughout printed material.

Why it works

We are retained by Leicester City Council to provide the graphic design of maps and leaflets building on the base map, school walking, and cycling maps, along with heritage trails and festival routes leaflets.

Client Review

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