University of Bedfordshire Spatial Branding

University of Bedfordshire | Bedford & Luton UK

The challenge

Our work with the University of Bedfordshire gave us the chance to really let our creative juices flow by creating a series of coordinated graphic interventions to improve the sense of community and reflect the personality of University within the physical environment.    

What we did

We brought the university’s brand into the spatial environment on its Luton and Bedford campuses in a way that will tie them together and bring a clear sense of place and belonging.

The project was delivered in phases. Phase one of the project focused on creating a series of university-branded welcome spaces within key campus buildings, thinking particularly about how to be inclusive to all users. Phase two focused on the faculties, using the rationalised colour palettes to create a series of tonal infused spaces that represent each faculty and its department / schools. We used colour phycology to influence the palettes and have worked closely with the recruitment, outreach, admissions and marketing team at the university to develop a series of messages that convey each faculty’s voice. Phase three was influenced by user engagement and focussed on creating a series of community spaces that displays student & graduate success and diversity values at the University.  

Why it works

The branding design uses a unique combination of colours to demarcate areas through a fusion of geometric shapes. By introducing the new spatial design principles into the built environment, the art underpins the university’s values.

The branded spaces, will encourage students, staff, researchers and visitors to engage with the space and facilitate interactions with each other.

 The consistent use of geometric shapes underpins the university’s values throughout the scheme and creates a cohesion throughout the spaces, buildings and campuses.

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