International recognition at the FX Awards 2006

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The prestigious FX Awards invites both British and international design talent from all over the world to enter the very best of interior products and projects.

Our scheme for the City of London topped the category of Graphics / Advertising / Logos.

What was it?

The project was no small task: it encompassed designing a comprehensive design study for a completely new wayfinding system for the City of London. Alongside regular commuters, the city attracts nearly 8 million tourists each year so the ultimate aim was to help ease navigation and orientation for newcomers to the City.

What did we do?

We carried out a detailed analysis of the historical makeup of the city to establish recognisable districts and character areas, along with the location of the city’s many key landmarks and places of interest such as the Bank of England, the Tower of London and the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

This first large-scale project was groundbreaking in our use of heads-up mapping. Instead of drawing the city of London with the river below and the city above, we needed to reorientate the map and situate the river where it actually was for the user. This project set out to make the city more manageable, breaking it down into districts and highlighting the walkability.

We designed a new map for the city, along with new designs for bespoke sign structures. All in all, we installed over 60 map points and 120 fingerposts and the system uses solar power to highlight the fingerpost signs. The final products’ bases used a fossil stone engraved with the city crest to allude to its history.

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