Third project completed in one of Britain’s newest cities

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We have completed a third phase of wayfinding intervention in the city of Chelmsford, Essex, which was granted city status at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Our initial project was commissioned by the City Council in response to the significant growth seen in the town centre, as a result of its new city status. Our strategy helped to connect the retail circuit and raise the profile of city centre attractions. Plus, the signs were designed so that they can be easily adapted to accommodate the city’s various festival and arts initiatives which attract large numbers of visitors each year.

The scope of our work has been gradually expanded, and our most recent involvement has been to develop signage for across the rest of the city. The sign design is a continuation on the concept created for the town centre, to enhance the sense of place and identity.

This latest project will help reinforce key cycling and pedestrian routes in order to draw visitors into the city centre from the outskirts. By providing clear navigation and information about cycle parking locations, this third phase aims to encourage more people to cycle into the city centre.

Guy Warren, Placemarque’s Design Director, said:

“It’s always encouraging to be able to return to a project and take it one step further.

Observing how the city centre has evolved and grown over recent years, and coming up with a strategy that connects the city’s suburbs to the centre has been a fun challenge, and it’s certainly satisfying to be able to deliver a complete wayfinding strategy across the whole city.”

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