Helping Todmorden get active through town fund improvements

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It’s been a busy month at Placemarque, with another new appointment for wayfinding input.

We’re working with Ridge, Stantec and Planit IE to advise Calderdale Council on how to improve the walkability of Todmorden.

Calderdale Council’s Towns Fund bid for Todmorden received “Levelling Up funding” in February this year. Projects for Todmorden are wide-ranging and include renovating the town hall, restoring and upgrading the sports hall and gym and making public realm improvements across the town and public parks.

The Active Todmorden project will look to improve the strategic infrastructure across the town, so that more people of all ages and abilities can walk or cycle for work and leisure. It’s a vital element to the wider regeneration proposals for the town, not least to link up the various projects that will benefit from the funding, but also to help visitors navigate the whole town centre with ease.

A successful wayfinding scheme is clearly crucial to this, so our role will be to look specifically at what signage interventions will be needed to make the town more walkable (and, of course, cyclable).

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