Teaming up with ISGroup to update Tewkesbury’s town centre signage

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We’ve been appointed by Tewkesbury Borough Council, alongside isGroup, to take a closer look at the historic market town of Tewkesbury and advise on the best strategy for updating its existing town centre signage.

The Cotswold town has a rich and varied heritage, dating back to the 7th century. It boasts architecture from the Medieval, Tudor and Georgian periods, the historic Mythe Bridge over the River Severn and an industry of brewing, malting and pin making. Perhaps, though, it’s best known for its mustard.

Its existing signage focuses on highlighting the town’s unique story. However, the visual brand needs a refresh in order to ensure signage is legible for visitors – the all-important pre-requisite for successful wayfinding.

We’ll be working with isGroup to deliver a wayfinding system that delivers interpretation, directional information and mapping, in a style that mimics the town’s character identity. This will be done through an easily updatable system with high quality material and finishes.

Our work will start with an audit of the existing signage, identifying where there are gaps in the information and how we can improve connectivity.

Sophie Campbell, Creative Director

We will be looking to expand the sign family to be more visually engaging and improve visitor exploration through mapping that aligns with the town’s identity.

As with all wayfinding projects, the secret to a successful scheme is in both telling a place’s story while also ensuring legibility of information and easing people movement.

We’re looking forward to getting stuck in.

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