Ireland’s Ancient East

Failte Ireland | Ireland

Winner: British Sign Award 2018 and Transform Award 2019

The challenge

Failte Ireland appointed us to design a range of orientation signs for several sites and deliver Ireland’s Ancient East brand and tourism initiative. The purpose of the project is to offer visitors a compelling motivation to visit the east and south regions of Ireland, so Failte Ireland have developed a new umbrella destination brand called ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’.


What we did

The brand is rooted in the rich history and diverse range of cultural heritage experiences that are particularly prevalent in the east and south of the country. The signs have been designed to respond to the themes of Ireland’s Ancient East brand and vision, taking their references from the landscape to develop an iconic and distinctive form which invites the user to orientate themselves to the wider tourism offer. The signs are also designed to engage the visitor and cross-sell attractions.


Why it works

We managed the entire project, including the detailed consultations required, planning, heritage applications, archaeology and conservation, site audits, and landscape planning.

Client Review

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