Wellington Place

MEPC | Leeds, UK

The challenge

Wellington Place is one of Leeds city centre’s newest dynamic neighbourhoods. Wayfinding was identified as one of the key challenges to overcome through the public realm improvements. The site was poorly identified, and various navigational challenges were presented at human scale. 

What we did

The wayfinding strategy sets out the design principles and includes an overall location plan for the complete masterplan. It delivers a comprehensive addressing and information hierarchy to direct users to key destinations. It introduces on brand graphic assets such as iconography and mapping to deliver clear information at key orientation points.

The wayfinding design delivers a cohesive sign family that celebrates the Wellington Place brand in the public realm.

We also delivered digital solutions to improve connectivity, including split screens to show Real Time Information to bus times and promote upcoming events while also having a static wayfinding map that matched the static map monoliths.

Why it works

It successfully presents users with strategically placed navigational information throughout the site and connects the development beyond to the city centre and key transport links.

The design of the sign family allows for both static and digital signage to be presented in a visually cohesive output that engages the end user while maintaining the brand identity, material and colour palette.

Client Review

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