Team on site installing Scarborough’s new wayfinding signs

Scarborough Wayfinding Scheme
Scarborough’s new signage is going in the ground! It’s exciting to see our latest project coming to life, with the installation of the new town centre signage right across the town centre, the seafront and the cultural quarter.

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Our wayfinding strategy for Scarborough is now being implemented, with monoliths and fingerposts currently being installed across the town and seafront.

It’s an exciting moment and one which we always enjoy: seeing months of strategy planning, consultation and design being realised into real, tangible signs in the ground. As well as giving navigational prompts, the monoliths display artwork that reflects the town’s heritage as Britain’s first seaside spa resort.

The wayfinding concept was developed following consultation with the public in November 2020 and collaboration with Scarborough Borough Council and local experts to highlight the cultural aspects of Scarborough’s history.

Sue Manley, Placemarque’s Strategy Director, said:

“Historic towns like Scarborough never fail to surprise and we uncovered some fantastic local insight with the help of local cultural experts, which we were able to translate onto the signs.

The team pulled together to meet a challenging timeframe so it’s especially rewarding seeing the concept come to life.”

The scheme will strengthen connections between the town’s key destinations to help visitors to navigate the town centre, the seafront and harbour and the cultural quarter. The wayfinding scheme aims to raise the profile of cultural destinations such as the Rotunda Museum and Woodend Art and Craft Gallery and improve visitor experience.

Watch this space to see the finished scheme complete in the coming weeks!

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