Building on Pontefract’s existing wayfinding scheme

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Pontefract boasts a veritable amount of architectural and cultural heritage, not least its infamous liquorice sweet, the Pontefract Cake.

Our brief here has been to develop and expand the market town’s existing wayfinding scheme, which comprises eight fingerposts within the town centre.

Pontefract’s existing provision is in good condition and works well. Plus, the content has been carefully curated and is simple enough that we can build on it successfully without the need for a wholesale refresh.

This next phase will build on this by delivering four monoliths at key routes into the town centre to help to draw people in.

We wanted the signage concept to draw on what makes Pontefract distinct, whilst also maintaining continuity with the existing signage. Working with the design of the existing fingerposts, we carefully matched the typeface, materials and colour scheme for the new monoliths.

Placemarque Graphic Designer, Hannah Southwell, said:

“Wakefield City Council asked us to build on the existing wayfinding measures by introducing monoliths, mapping and directional content to sit alongside the fingerposts.

“Our analysis identified the key destinations that needed to be highlighted on the monoliths, aligning the information closely with the fingerposts to ensure continuity of the user journey.”

The new design incorporates 3D embossed lettering and an arched top to reflect the distinctive design of the Pontefract Cake. The black aluminium sign also incorporates a cut out of key historic buildings in the town’s skyline.

Working with the Civic Society, the monoliths will also incorporate interpretation content on the reverse side, to enhance visitors’ understanding of the town’s heritage.

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