Connecting the dots in Eastbourne

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We are back in Eastbourne to complete the comprehensive wayfinding strategy for the town.

To date, we’ve carried out three projects so far in the town; a town centre pilot scheme along Eastbourne’s Terminus Road, and two projects in the town’s Devonshire Quarter.

Phases one to three have been a success. The pilot scheme was informed by detailed public consultation to develop a full wayfinding masterplan, and the various works in the cultural quarter are now nearing completion following the granting of listed building consent for the signage strategy.

Now, we’re on with phase four.

The town’s wayfinding strategy is complete; the concept is established. The latest project brings all our work together to link up the wayfinding gaps around the town.

Guy Warren, Placemarque’s Design Director, said:

“We’ve got to know Eastbourne very well over the last few years. This latest phase of works – which feels like the final piece of the puzzle – will help visitors connect the dots between the station, town centre, Devonshire Quarter and seafront.

There’s such a lot on offer, but much of it is quite hidden. So the strategy here has been principally about easing navigation and helping visitors orientate themselves.

It will certainly be a big moment when the final signs go in, after many years of planning and preparation.”

Eastbourne’s is a cultural destination, not least because of the international tennis competition it hosts every June. With it now only a couple of months away, the town is bracing itself to welcome a lot of visitors to the town.

So the race is on to get as many signs in the ground by then, as this will be key to helping newcomers navigate Eastbourne’s less-than-intuitive topography, and explore the town with confidence and ease.

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