Working to improve the wayfinding at Cressex Business Park, Buckinghamshire

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We have been working with Cressex Business Park to develop a wayfinding strategy and incorporate the fresh branding design into new signage for the park.

It’s all part of the Cressex Business Park Business Improvement District (BID) which was awarded this summer with the aims of becoming the greenest, cleanest and safest environment for businesses to thrive.

Our input has been to carry out an audit of the existing signage and destinations, and set out a strategy for creating a hierarchy of information.

Tom Cookson, Placemarque’s 3D Designer said:

“With an existing campus like this, with plenty of existing signage and destinations, the first important job is to distil down the information into a clear hierarchy, and to properly understand who the sign audiences are. Then we can better propose a new signage strategy that better aids navigation.”

We’ve completed the first phase of works; assessing the existing wayfinding and sign locations, understanding the user requirements and devising a strategy for a clear hierarchy of information. Now we’re moving on to develop a fresh strategy that will strengthen the sense of place and help with navigation.

The design will consider the various user touch points and must make sure that the required information for the right users is provided at the right point. The level of information differs for different users: drivers need simple quick messages to get them to the right road and business unit whereas pedestrians have more time to look at maps and local information.

The strategy will also look at making better connections between the business park and the surrounding neighbourhoods and nature park to encourage walking and cycling. 

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