What defines an airport city?

Placemarque chose to sponsor Built Environment Networking’s Airport Cities Development Conference because it combines our key markets. We create wayfinding for large estates and for communities. An airport city involves (possibly) the most complex of all estates. And community-wise, an airport city is the same as every other city, isn’t it? People have to eat, sleep, rest and recharge, and they need to connect with their surroundings and with other people. Perhaps

What makes a smart city smart?

Placemarque recently sponsored Built Environment Networking’s Smart Cities conference in Oxford. We wanted to connect with companies who look at cities differently at a time when we are considering increasing the integration of data and digital into our wayfinding. Like others at the conference, we want to do it smartly, still considering how people are using cities and responding to that, in terms of our wayfinding, rather than trying to

Smart Thinking Builds Smart Cities

Placemarque are proud to be badge sponsors of Built Environment Networking Group’s upcoming Smart Cities conference. It comes at a time when we’re considering the evolution of our wayfinding services in light of digital, virtual and mixed reality technologies and big data. Furthermore, as Placemarque developed the street signage in the centre of Oxford (the conference’s host city) a decade ago, it is a great excuse to revisit our work. We’re proud